Tuesday, March 6, 2007

"I'd Teach a Course, On How I Got to be a Star Crossed Pimp."

In other job unemployment related news: Today I met with the Career Services Counselor from my law school. I feel kinda better and kinda worse. Basically her message was:

  1. You probably won't get a job until you have passed the bar.
  2. Most 3Ls graduate without jobs.
  3. Of the graduates from last year who are "employed" a lot of them are working as law clerks.
  4. I am not the only one who wants to fly into a blind rage when people are optimistic.
  5. Since I live at home I should "volunteer"-this assumes that I don't have other bills.
  6. I can do "anything" with my law degree-but she was no better at giving me any more specifics than my mom is.
  7. Watching daytime television gets depressing after a period of time.
A lot what was discussed plays into other posts I have planned such as "The Saddest Day of My Life", "The Second Saddest Day of My Life" and "Phrases That Make Me Want to Throw Things"; but I'll get into all that and so much more at a later date.


lalagigi said...

yeaaaaaaa word verification !!!
umm some things i have seen ppl do is:
- work in admissions at law schools or higher education admin.
- become teachers
- teach at community college
- seque into consulting
- work for pharmaceuticals
- go into investment banking
- startup record labels
- go into journalism
- go to med school

of course all of the above take more money, and probably more educ and more exams lol

dicta said...

yeah no one ever tells me what i can do either. when pressed, i get the following types of responses:

work at a pizza place
wait tables
work retail

madlawblogger said...

It's fantastic that you can do anything with a law degree... really it is... but what about the handful of us who came to law school cause we want to be (i know this is gonna sound crazy) lawyers?

Elle Woods said...

I think we can all agree law school does not prepare you to be a lawyer. I'm not sure what it prepares you for, but it's not law.