Monday, March 5, 2007

A Skunk Sprayed My Room. Again.

The response to my posts about the "job search" (read: my future homelessness and car repossession) has been resounding (and scary). If you have anything you'd like to share (anonymously or not) feel free to email it to me. I plan to get more stuff up later this week.

I did get a call back from a recruiter today, for a non-legal job which would require me to not take the bar (and lose all the money I have invested thus far in the bar application, barbri1, and PMBR). It's just a leap I'm not sure I'm ready to take.

In terms of housekeeping, commenting has been opened up since people have been emailing saying they'd been having problems. Apparently it was set to blogger users only, who knows who is responsible for that.

1Actually this one might be refundable.


crash_esq said...

PMBR and Barbri are pretty good, if you locked your rate in 1st year. They allowed me to put off taking the course for 1 year with a locked in fee.

Nonetheless, I would avoid recruiters/head hunters; I had a number of bad experiences with them. In the past, when the recruiter/head hunter worked for you, instead of being paid by the recruiting firm, they were your agent "on your side." Now, your resume could sit in file 13 for months if your a "hard fit." I have had more bad experience with recruiters than good ones.

Elle Woods said...

Ohh this was a recruiter for a mortgage company.

Elle Woods said...

Additionally, I talked to BarBri, they were helpful and gave me extra time to decide if I need to cancel and get a refund.

PMBR was just like "well once you've gotten your materials-too bad...ohh and we have no idea when you'll get those."

The Bar I suppose I would only have to pay for the test again.

Anonymous said...

I hate to sound bossy--but take the bar exam...other than the insane amount of self-imposed stress--it is something good to have under your belt. As depressing as everyone makes the job-market are not in a bad position--you will find a job.

Elle Woods said...

It's not what people make the job market sound like, it's what I'm experiencing.

No offense, but those statements are the ones that are likely to send me into a rage-but that is the subject of a future post.