Sunday, April 22, 2007

Weekend Productivity

So maybe I haven't actually started studying despite having been done with classes for well over a week. Maybe I went to 2 Tiger games in 3 days, resulting in one hell of a sunburn. Maybe I went to a bar whose special is a pitcher of beer and 4 shots for $14. Maybe I had my first shot of Patron, and my second. Maybe I watched the entire Wings game yesterday and the entire Pistons game as well. Maybe I've having an O.C. marathon to be followed with a Katie and Peter marathon.

I'd like to say I'll regret all this when I get my grades; but as long as I pass, it's doubtful.


The Gare Bear said...

Sometimes you do better at what's next in life if you take the time to watch a game, get sunburned, drink alcohol, and just let your mind coast. I say coast more, stress less.

Lyco said...

Umm, I'm totally with you. Have some fun first!