Thursday, April 26, 2007

Well Oiled Finals Machine.

Today marks the kick off for what it most likely the last "exam season" of my life. I have no plans to get an LL.M. and while I joke that I should have been a doctor rather frequently the thought of all that student loan debt is terrifying.

If all goes as planned I'll take my Trusts exam today and land somewhere in the thick part of the curve; I'll pick up my Health Law take home on the way out of the law school only to return it within 24 hours in exchange for my Child Family State take home; which I will finish in time to hand in on my way in to my Bioethics exam.

What could possibly go wrong with that plan?

Update (6:15): Trusts and over, and I have my Health Law exam sitting next to me.

Update (7:21): Health Law is finished, to be exchanged for Child Family State tomorrow (which will be much more challenging).


Another Asian Law Student said...

your exams are all takehome?


Elle Woods said...

No, only 2. Trusts and Bioethics are in class.

Justice Moustache said...

Damn 3Ls. I'm jealous as tits.

How's Bioethics? I'm taking it next semester.

Elle Woods said...

It's one of those classes where there is no right answer.

crash_esq said...

Congrats on landing in the fat of the curve. As the saying goes, "The 'A' students be Law Professors. The 'B' students become Corporate Lawyers. Finally, the 'C' students can do nothing but make money and be happy." By the by, I hated take home exams in lawschool. They would give you the exam in the afternoon and they would be due next morning. I would spend all night on the exam. Two to Three hours in a classroom exam was a lot easier.

Elle Woods said...

See, the one I had last night took me an hour. The one I have right now I get 5 days on and will most likely spend 10 hours on it since I have to go back and read cases.