Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"Wu Peed On My Rug."

Apparently, the Dean of the law school resigned. Interestingly, students did not get the courtesy of an email to that effect, just a blog post on a blog that none of us read.

I had planned to post about all the U.S. News stuff, but I'm over the entire law school experience now and don't really care. His posts below his resignation shed a bit of light on the "development" of the rankings. Yet even with his excuses about employment rates it still does not clarify what percentage of grads are actually working as lawyers (which I would estimate is under 50%).

Ohh, and this is my last week of classes. I suppose it would be exciting if one last on call day, exams, bar study and unemployment were not hanging over my head.

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some guy said...

That's the saddest resignation letter. You'd think he'd make a bigger deal of the students - "Our best asset is our students, ranking does not reflect their dedication, intelligence, diversity, etc." Instead he says some students were "active" while he notes that faculty and staff were "talented." Nice.