Tuesday, May 8, 2007

16 Too Many.

How could you even keep your kids names straight if you had 17 children? My friend who has 3 kids under the age of 6 gets their names confused all the time while she yells at them.

I literally had to count (a couple times) to make sure Fox wasn't misleading me. But sure enough...

  1. Joshua-19
  2. Janna-17
  3. John David-17
  4. Jill-15
  5. Jessa-14
  6. Jinger-13
  7. Joseph-12
  8. Josiah-11
  9. Joy Anna-10
  10. Jedidiah-8
  11. Jeremiah-8
  12. Jason-7
  13. James-5
  14. Justin-4
  15. Jackson Levi-2
  16. Johanna Faith-19 Months
  17. Jennifer Danielle is expected in July.
To make matters worse they home school. I cannot imagine you could effectively teach that many different levels of school.

My real question is, when you have 6 children in 6 years does that make them irish sextuplets?


Dizzy said...

My family has 11 kids. (I was homeschooled) We knew a family with 9. And there were a lot more like that in my parent's church. It's a movement called "Quiver Full" where people have a bunch of kids so that "God can raise up an army." They're rather vague on what the army will do, but they strongly oppose abortion and birth control. And they insist that the "husband is the head of the house like God is the head of the church." They also believe that everyone is happier when each person knows his or HER role. Her role is to take care of the home and family.

So that's why I grew up and became an atheist and a feminist.

E. McPan said...

I read a story on that family a couple of years ago. I thought "Jinger" was a stupid name, but then I realized it was pronounced Ginger, and not jing-er.

I have 14 brothers and sisters (7 of each), but 9 of us are adopted.

My mom also named one of her dogs the same name as one of my brothers. It's very confusing.

Elle Woods said...

As the oldest I feel having my brother was excessive, I was more than enough for my parents to love (read: deal with).

As someone with a vag I find 17 living things coming out of it really scary.

The friend I mentioned with 3 kids, comes from a family of 12 children. She cannot even tell you what order her siblings were born in, and sometimes I question if she could name them all in under 30 seconds.

I just find that really weird seeing as I am really close with my brother despite a 5 year age gap-in big families like that it seems like you are only close with the ones of the same age and that you barely know the others.

Another Asian Law Student said...

17... wow.

Dizzy said...

"in big families like that it seems like you are only close with the ones of the same age and that you barely know the others."

Pretty much. But you do get used to doing everything with a crowd.

Elle Woods said...

That seems so weird to me. My brother and I are 5 years apart, yet we are so close.

Desiree said...

Wow - I came here to post about your post - you made me laugh (and I'm even Irish and from a big family)! :) But then, I read dizzy's post and felt so sad for her. Now off to see what she's all about... I'll be back.