Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dear BarBri,

Your schedule is completely insane and borderline unmanageable when combined with PMBR (not to mention working). You cannot really expect me to do all those practice problems in addition to PMBR problems. The essays I'll make an effort to do, but the practice problems are just unmanageable unless I start doing lines of meth off tables in the library to fuel 20 hour study sessions in June.

That is all.

Hugs and Kisses,
Elle Woods


Harmless Error said...

The "paced program" is inherently abusive, unrealistic, and batshit insane.

Like you, however, I was the type of person who thought I had to do it all, which only led to MANY tears and mini-breakdowns on the phone with my mother.

My advice (like you need any more I'm sure): skip the "easy" problems, do however many of the intermediate ones you feel like each night, don't do a bunch of the superhard ones in a row (in order to avoid said breakdowns), and at some point (mid to late June), substitute PMBR questions for Barbri ones. I don't know if they're any more like the real exam (especially now since PMBR got slammed with copyright violations), but they're a hell of a lot funnier. I'll never forget the one about Ralph Kramden getting Ethel to conspire to rape their neighbor. Good stuff.

Katie said...

at least you're *going* to barbri- i have a final tomorrow and don't finish school for another couple weeks (still in school! have not yet graduated! i'm supposed to be studying for finals and going to barbri at the same time, um, how?)

crash_esq said...

How are you still in School Katie? Most finals are the 2d and 3d week of May. What school do yu go to?

Melissa said...

I cant believe you are working while studying for the bar! I really think I would kill myself before July if that was me! Yeah Barbri's "paced program" is rather ridiculous.. its going to be an awful summer. =(

Elle Woods said...

I stop working at the end of June.

some guy said...

I hate Bar Bri, too. I pretty much hate everybody (except my wife) and everything these days.