Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Oral Hygiene

I went to the dentist yesterday. In addition to the usual scolding for poor flossing habits (more on that later) I had my first cavity, although I hesitate to call it that since it was in reality an area where my sealant had broken off the tooth (it was the far back upper right tooth) and there was a bit of a next to the edge of it, but a cavity didn't show up on the X-Ray and they weren't really sure if it was a cavity or just that my sealant had broken off. Regardless, my normal dentist wasn't in and the one who did the filling was what rather aggressive. The whole experience was not very enjoyable and I have numerous raw spots in my mouth to prove it. Luckily, my mom (who works for said dentist) gave me nitrous so I didn't care as much about being orally battered. I complained to her last night that she hadn't given me enough nitrous and she responded that usually they do not go past 3, she had me at 4.5; I find that weird since I remember getting nitrous in high school and being super sensitive to it.

Now for the flossing habits. I've never had this done before, but apparently after age 20 they're supposed to test the "pockets" between your teeth and gums as a screening for gingivitis. I've never had to have this evil process done before. My numbers were all fine, however I'm rather sure my mother told them to start performing this check on me. She is what I call a Flossing-Nazi, she literally flosses 3 times a day. She has been on me recently to start flossing (after my brother had 3 "non-flossing" cavities, why she isn't hassling him I will never know), so after being told there was too much blood during the cleaning, and that the evil pocket measuring thing was going to be a bit worse for me since my gums were a bit inflamed (You think? You just poked them with sharp objects for 30 minutes!) the ever so sweet pregnant hygienist proceeded to shove something between my gums and each one of my teeth. Not cool. I suppose their scare tactics and propaganda worked though, I flossed last night and this morning.


angela said...

I have a dentist appointment on Friday. I'm hoping I don't have any cavities and that my gums aren't inflammed. I've been flossing like a madwoman over the past week or so (even more than I do normally).

Parad0x said...

This flossing of yours is only temporary, I assure you.

You'll pick up flossing again a month before your next dental appointment and neglect it within two weeks after.

That's how we do it.

Karl said...

That's how I did it, until after about five times of starting flossing and giving it up I finally kept it up for good. I never go to bed without flossing now.