Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Kids These Days.

My brother and I have had it out a couple times since I moved back in. You would think it would be one of us fighting with our parents, but he has been extremely inconsiderate so there has been much yelling despite us generally being friends.

I moved in Saturday, he was working a wedding and called here numerous times after 10:00 p.m. (which my Dad told him was the latest he is allowed to call like 3 days before this) to ask stupid questions-I'm not really sure what transpired since the Baby and I were tired. Generally he calls to let them know he is too messed up to drive home, I think he should start using better time management skills and get messed up earlier if he needs to call home before 10. So he gets home on Saturday at 2:02 a.m.1, proceeds to enter the master suite (where my parents are sleeping) and go take a shower. Despite there being 2 other showers in the house, one of which is in the basement bathroom where nobody would have even heard. Cut to the end of his 15 minute shower when he starts:

  1. Telling my parents he is going out.
  2. Telling my parents he is going to go hot-tubing with 2 chicks he and his friend met at the wedding they were working.
  3. Telling my parents the girls parents invited them over and saying they were allowed to stay the night.
  4. Asking if he can take a case of beer since it's too late to buy it, as if he is old enough to buy it.
  5. Justifying being allowed to take the beer since he was going to be staying the night with the skanks he met whose drunk parents apparently invited he and his friend over.
Seriously. Then at 10:30 a.m. when I was talking to the puppy he started FREAKING OUT yelling at me that I was waking him up. It was around this time when I gave him an explanation regarding appropriate times to talk and be active around the house and how 2 a.m. was not one of those times.

So then last night he went out and came home at 4 a.m., at which point he again woke the dog up. So I took it out to potty, and of course it didn't have to go. Awesome.

1At which point I woke up, and went to grab a glass of water without taking the puppy out since he appeared to still be sleeping. I was wrong and the puppy peed on the carpet. Clearly this had me a bit mad since he would have just kept sleeping and been fine had he not been woken up.

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The Lay Judge said...

I feel your pain. My brother and I were recently trying to decide whether or not moving in together again was a good idea.

Later that same night we got into a major fight (totally his fault).

So, in short, the answer turned out to be no, it's not a good idea.