Sunday, September 30, 2007

Neurotic Tendencies.

Blogger lost my last post. Ohh well. The main point was, Wayne State sucks. A lot of the students suck because of their sense of entitlement, the entire administration sucks (for various reasons); and the things they are doing are not helping to return them to the 3rd tier. How they went from high 3rd tier to 4th tier in 3 years really blows my mind.

I may have just bookmarked the State Bar Website so I can start neurotically checking it on Fridays. Results aren't supposed to be out until November 23rd. I don't see how that could be a bad idea.

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joanne said...

this actually sounds like something i would do. now, if they get paid by their advertisers based on how many hits their website could get (if that is at all applicable), then you are helping them to get more rich, even though you already did that by paying all the fees and various sundry so far.