Sunday, December 2, 2007


I desperately needed new boots this year. While my various colors of 3''-4'' heeled leather boots are extremely practical for navigating the icey walkways and snowey sidewalks between my car and wherever I am going, they are not ideal for dog walking. I've owned UGGs before and while they are really warm (which is why I do not understand why people wear them in the summer or in California), they do not really hold up well in the snow.

So a couple weeks ago I started the quest for new winter boots. To complicate matters, 6 years ago when "The North Face Craze" swept across the country I swore I'd never buy one of their fleeces/backpacks/boots. A hiking backpack to carry your books to class, even in Michigan weather, is a bit excessive.

Being that I have a tradition of eventually selling out so long that 14 year old me would most likely not recognize 24 year old me it makes perfect sense that I bought these:

At least if I decide to take up hiking I'll be prepared (after I buy a new jacket since my Leather Jackets and Peacoats might not be warm enough).

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