Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Timeline of the Afternoon.

5:10-I am sitting on my bed reading emails when I hear a strange sound underneath. I pull Theodore out and pry open his mouth, where I find a piece of a wine glass he broke about a week ago (which I swore I found all of). I am unsure if he actually swallowed a piece of it or if he just "mouthed" it.

5:15-I begin feeding him bread as instructed by his doctor.

6:30-Theodore begins vomiting. Repeats said behavior roughly every 5 minutes. Bonus that there is no blood in the vomit. I begin pacing the house.

7:00-Theodore proves his intelligence, despite being dumb enough to chew glass, by ringing the bell to go outside and vomit, something he has not been trained to do.

7:10-My vet proposes the theory that Theodore is allergic to wheat, which is actually causing the vomiting. I finally sit down and Theodore cuddles up in my lap. I am waiting for him to vomit on me like some scorned Frat Boy for not paying better attention to him, which allowed him to get glass, and led us down this entire ordeal.


Harmless Error said...


How is he now?

Elle Woods said...

He is fine, although he hasn't been eating a lot.

Michael said...

Poor Theodore. Here's to hoping the little fella gets over his ordeal soon.