Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Obligatory New Years Post

I've never been a big fan of celebrating New Years, overly crowded bars and drunken strangers spilling drinks on me has never been my idea of a good time. Plus the entire experience is usually so anti-climatic, I think the last person I kissed on New Years was a gay (male) friend 2 years ago.

So this year when the friend that I have sorta been seeing asked me what I was doing for New Years my answer was simple, I was staying home. Apparently that answer was not satisfactory, and led to an entire debate about how I am passive aggressive and wouldn't just admit I wanted to spend New Years with him, which led to me calling him egotistical and wrong. After much nagging I finally agreed to go out to watch the Wings game (insert random tangent about how much I hate hockey), I stipulated that I wasn't feeling well, but that I'd put in my best effort.

As we arrived at the bar I immediately was put on notice of what type of establishment it was by the three overweight, middle-aged, unattractive women leading a sing-a-long from their bar stools. Then it was a hassle to even get the hockey game on, which I was fine with me since any football game is better than a hockey game to me. To make matters even more fun, my seat was at a weird angle that forced me to slouch and weirdly bend my neck to see the television.

All of that I could tolerate, but when my "special male friend" started ranting about how much he hates Theodore for no apparent reason, and I got up to pee and both women's restrooms were out of order I drew the line1. I used the men's (something I generally would only do while intoxicated), and came out and politely asked my friend to lay off the "threatening to kill my dog". When my request wasn't honored I decided to leave, without regard for the fact that I drove everyone. Sure it was bitchy, but the smokey environment was making me sicker by the minute, and they were within walking distance of one of their houses.

I was home by 10, took my temperature to learn I was running a low-grade-temp, and in bed by 10:45. All I wanted for New Years was to rest, which I guess occurred. As for New Year's Resolutions, I've never been big on making them, however this year I am going to focus on not doing things I don't want to just to make others happy.

1I feel the need to point out that the bar isn't actually a total dive, it just appeared to be last night.

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Harmless Error said...

I think that is a realization/resolution that every twenty-something eventually has to make. Good for you.