Sunday, January 13, 2008

Separation Anxiety

Tomorrow I have what I'd consider a stressful day. I have to argue in court for the first time ever (I've yet to even go to motion call). To make the experience even more fun, my boss will be there. I spent the day fighting the urge to cry and/or throw up from the nerves.

Plus I have to leave Teddie for the longest time period I've ever left him. He has never been alone more than 6 hours, so I've always crated him. However, the way things work out tomorrow he'll have to be alone for about 10 hours. Being that I'm already stressed, the guilt of that proved to be a bit too much. I am attempting to see if he can be left in the kitchen, which led to him crying to be let out, which led to me crying out of guilt for being unfair to him, which led to my dad telling me to get a grip. Admittedly I was being overly emotional, but it's not like I was just crying about the dog situation, it was clearly a combination of everything.


Ookami Snow said...

Good luck tomorrow!

Don't get too stressed.

Grace said...

Yay Elle!!

Go Elle!!!

Kick Ass Elle!!

You're going to be great today.

And Teddie will be fine. He doesn't know the difference between 6 and 10 hours.

Melissa said...

You can try leaving a t-shirt or something that you've worn with him. B My dog has pretty severe separation anxiety and being able to smell me really helps take the edge off with her. You can also try leaving the TV or radio on so that he has something to entertain him and hide any scary noises outside. I'm sure he'll be fine either way, but it might make you feel better to do something proactive.

Good luck in court! You are going to do great.