Thursday, January 17, 2008

Shopping Spree

In the past 2 days I've ordered:

  • a pair of black pants
  • a black suit
  • a black jacket
  • a pair of grey pants
  • a grey suit
  • a grey cardigan
  • a pair of white pants
  • a white cardigan
Apparently not only am I developing an shopping addiction, but I've also developed a phobia of color.


Angela said...

You're trying to dress like a sober female attorney so you'll be taken seriously. You'll get over that eventually and go back to wearing pink.

Elle Woods said...

I actually haven't been wearing much pink in general lately...Everyone else does so it's boring.

Wannabe Redhead said...

The grey pants/cardigan and white pants/cardigan combos (not to mention the tasteful mix-matches) can be super cute, especially if paired with a colorful shell, heels, or other accessory.

Your wardrobe additions are not necessarily somber. I have faith that you will do your namesake proud.

Elle Woods said...

I do wear a lot of colorful shells. I thiknk I'm just worried about the white pants will do to my ass (but they were on sale super cheap and I just wanted them).