Sunday, February 17, 2008

Colours of the World...Spice Up Your Life.

My friend and I made the best decision of our lives and upgraded our tickets, to 5 rows from the end of the Catwalk. As much as I'd love to post all 80 pictures I have from the event, I'll just give a couple teasers.

Favorite Part of the Show: Posh's gloves.
She wore them with every costume. I like to think they were an homage to
Karl Lagerfeld.

Mama, I love you. I realized Posh is not really person sized, but I didn't realize how tiny Geri had gotten. Also, her abs on the website are NOT airbrushed, those are real.

Yes, you can see Posh when she turns sideways. Barely.

If you can't dance to this you can't do nothing for me baby.
So Fierce.

Worst part of the show: the couple in front of us. The guy must have bought the girl the tickets for Valentine's Day or something since she kept thanking him. After she thanked him they'd always end up making out. (He was about 6'5'' and she was about 5'10'' with her heels on) I ended up getting so pissed (since seeing around one person that tall is hard for me, let alone when they put their heads together), that I took a picture and showed it to them, asking where they wanted me to send it. They finally got the idea. I think it's cool he bought her the tickets, but grow a pair of balls and tell her to take a friend. If there really is such a thing as a man card, his needs to be revoked.

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