Thursday, February 7, 2008

Consumer Reports

Honey, can I hold the remote?

Vasectomies could be a thing of the past thanks to a remote-controlled implant that can stop the flow of sperm.
Skinny Water: Fewer Calories Than regular Water?
Diet water squeezes onto store shelves...Skinny Water contains the fewest calories, per bottle, than any of the popular enhanced beverages.


medically brunette said...

what is this diet fountain soda you speak of? I think I need it!

Elle Woods said...

It's Diet Coke. As a child I HATED soda, since it was too fizzy and too sweet. Then as an adult I decided limit aspartame consumption, which was never really an issue since I never drank soda (or diet soda).

But, as I started sleeping less and less I needed something caffeinated to drink in the afternoon so I wouldn't go on chocolate binges trying to get my caffeine fix.

I learned that aspartame doesn't age well, so less of it is used in Diet Soda and it's replaced with saccharin (which I have no issue consuming). So, there is some aspartame, but I worry less about it.