Saturday, February 9, 2008

Digital Era

Lately, I have been considering opening a savings account. It seems like a good idea to keep some "back up" cash. The obvious choice to open it at was with the bank whom I have a checking account with. Until today. Basically, every time I have to order checks it's a huge hassle, but since it happens so intermittently, I always forget about it.

I've been with the bank for about 7 years now. I ordered checks when I opened the account, and I've had to reorder them once since. Today I realized I was down to 1 remaining check, so I might as well reorder. I use roughly one check a month, to pay my mother for car insurance. Previously, when I had more bills, I would write maybe 3 checks a month. Plus, sporadic checks to friends for reimbursement for things like concert tickets. Given that my bank makes me order checks in intervals of 200, it takes me roughly 3.5 years to go through an order. That, in and of itself is ridiculous, what else do you buy 3 years in advance?

I attempted to order them online, but it said that my information could not be retrieved. So I called the bank, which then transferred me to the company that they use for the checks. After about 10 minutes of phone system bullshit, the informed me that I hadn't ordered checks recently enough for them to process my order and that I would need to call my bank.

So I did. They informed me that they did not have my information and could not process my check order. Excuse me? You are my bank? How do you not know my account number, routing number and address? You expect me to go into a bank for something I was able to do over the phone previously?

I have since decided to not only open my savings account elsewhere, but to move my checking account with it.

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