Sunday, February 24, 2008


Caller: Hello, this is [Insert random Indian Name], I'm calling on behalf of [Law School], is Ms. [Woods] available?

Elle Woods: This is her.

Caller: Have you been keeping up with the changes at [Law School] with the Alumni Magazine?

Elle Woods: Not particularly, I page through it on occasion.

Caller: Well, I'm glad to hear you use your free subscription. We are expanding facilities, unfortunately tuition costs are increasing and we're trying to keep costs down for students.

Elle Woods: Ohh, that's terrible. Almost exactly like when you increased tuition 38% after my first year of law school and forced me to give you more money than I ever planned, and leading me to vow I'd never give any additional money to that institution.

Caller: Thank you, have a nice day.


paragon2pieces said...

good for you and well put.

anonymoushottie said...

I am *so* looking forward to that phone call from my school. Muhahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Nice comeback! :)