Tuesday, March 4, 2008

"Cat People Should Marry Cat People and Dog People Should Marry Dog People."

I realize things are very bland around here. So I've decided to venture into rarely chartered waters, and blog about my social life. I've been having issues with the men in my life. Saying men makes it seem like there is a plethora. There is not, it's just two men.

The first, we shall call "Cat Guy", I believe he has been mentioned briefly here before. I've dated him on and off since before I graduated. According to a friend, he is clearly my boyfriend. I, however, hate that word and prefer to call him something along the lines of my special male friend. He's is very sweet, is an excellent cook, and sincerely dotes on me. The issue being, he has cats. Cats make my eyes want to fall out of my head and make it nearly impossible to breathe. I guess my biggest issue with regard to him is finding a suitable allergy medication.

The second, we shall call "The Asshole", I've known him since I was 5 years old. We have always been friends, but one day, while I was "off" with "Cat Guy", we made out. I made it clear that I thought it was a bad idea, and that it shouldn't happen anymore. Everything seemed fine, except when we started hanging out again. And he started being a "total dick face", pressuring me to make out again, making me feel bad, etc. When I resisted, and subsequently left, I got ridiculous voicemails saying that my life was "borderline pathetic" and other nice things like that. I honestly don't know how to handle the situation, since as much as I'd like to just write him off, I have known him for a really long time and I'll have to see him at events with mutual friends.

So, I'm not really sure there are solutions to either of these issues. Maybe I just want validation for not talking to "The Asshole" anymore. Or a recommendation for an allergy medication.


Karen said...

Not talking to the Asshole: Validated.

Allergy Medication to Cat Guy: Can't help you there. But are you sure he's as nice as you think he is? Are you sure he doesn't just seem nice in comparison to Asshole's antics?

Elle Woods said...

Yes, once I stopped being a total bitch to him and stopped being so "emotionally unavailable" things got a better.

Daisy Duke said...

I still call my "boyfriend" by the acronym of BISMOW = Boy I Sometimes Makeout With on my blog. In my book you are doing just fine. And he should just forget about the cats & love Ted.

James said...

I have had bad cat (and other) allergies for 20 years. I use a combination of Zyrtec, Singulair, and Flonase to treat my symptoms. Sometimes the Singulair and Flonase are enough to control the allergies and I can avoid using the Zyrtec (which makes me sleepy).

Previously I've used the "non-sedating" antihistamines like Allegra and Claritin and find they are not effective at controlling my symptoms.

Lawfrog said...

Yes because voice mail messages calling your life borderline pathetic is going to make you want to run right back into Asshole's make out bachelor pit. Whatever. That guy is truly insecure and he doesn't deserve your time. Not talking to him ever again and possibly seeking revenge on him for being an asshole: VALIDATED.

Cat guy - my husband is allergic to cats to and has found a lot of help with Claritan. That may not be strong enough for you, but it's OTC so it's worth a try.

Elle Woods said...

It is nowhere near enough...I need allergy shots.