Sunday, March 23, 2008

Dry Cleaners, Part II

I have been frequenting the same dry cleaners since this post (the more expensive one). They have been pretty good, except one time they didn't have one of my suits ready on time because it wasn't pressed.

All in all, I was happy. Until I went in yesterday to pick up the suits I dropped off on Friday. And there was a handwritten sign on the counter.

"Unfortunately, we are unable to accept clothes with bodily fluids on them."
My immediate reaction: Is that a really common issue?

High School Aged Male Dry Cleaners Employee: You have no idea. It happened twice today.

My Next Thought: People admit to it?

HSAMDCE: Ohh Yeah. Luckily, state law prohibits us taking them.

My Final Thought: I need a new dry cleaners.


E. McPan said...

Eww! Well, at least you know your dry cleaners won't be mixing your clothes with bodily-fluided clothes.

My state recently issued a rule saying that they would not accept filings with bodily fluid or other hazardous material on them, food, etc. I guess I'll have to stop working through lunch. I'm sure my clients will love it.

joanne said...

i don't get it. all clothes that go to the cleaners to be cleaned have bodily fluids on them.

of course infectious blood or something that is a pathogen on the clothes could be dangerous. but probably, just as dangerous as sweat particles.

even if your clothes did get mixed with someone else's that had bodily fluids, whatever that is one them that used to be alive is probably dead even before they hit the cleaners. and even more dead, if thats possible, when they hit the water and cleaners.

Elle Woods said...

It was semen that they were refering to.

joanne said...

who cares if its semen. i don't see the difference between sweat and semen other than the fact that you had to orgasm in order to get the semen and that might be more embarrassing than sweat.