Sunday, April 27, 2008

Go Long.

This is the most awesome thing ever.

This is the second most awesome thing ever.

The least awesome thing ever is that Theodore is sick, which semi accounts for my lack of posting. But it's more that I've been semi-checked out for awhile. The only reason I stopped Friday Dog Blogging was that my camera batter was dead. For over 2 months. And I kept forgetting to charge it. This weekend I finally managed to, so maybe I'll get back on top of that.


M said...

Is Theodore okay now?
This is weird considering I don't know you, but the fact that you stopped posting after saying he was sick has made me worry about him.

Elle Woods said...

Theodore is better from the Giardia. But now he has Kennel Cough. Tis the season. He will not be returning to daycare anytime soon.

M said...

ooh, poor Theodore! I'm glad to hear the giardia is done though. That must have been messy.

Anonymous said...

My cockapoo (though he seems to have gotten much more poodle than cocker spaniel) had giardia when he was 6 months old. Very messy and gross, but if you catch it in time and the little darlings don't dehydrate, they're totally fine.

That was the last time we took Finn to the vet for an illness, and he's 7 years old now.

Anonymous Law Student said...

It's...June now. Are you still alive?

Elle Woods said...

Yeah. I am just lazy. I thought about coming back, but I think everyone has stopped checking.