Sunday, May 22, 2005

Just the usual drunken bonfire, plus a mail-order bride...

Yesterday afternoon was pretty busy. I planted 20 geraniums, 48 snap dragons, transplanted a hosta, spread some mulch, planted 48 impatients, and did some baby sitting. In a related planting note: today I finished planting after doing 150 impatients before 11:00...but at least it's done. I also managed to squeeze in getting my hair colored yesterday afternoon, now I'm really Legally Blonde.

Last night my parents had a bonfire. All the usual suspects where there, except this time there were also 3 dogs who were all smaller then the average cat. In attendance last night:

  1. The Phillipino DJ/OC Sherriff Duputy/Guitar Player/Band member was there, I convinced him to go get his guitar and play classic rock all night. Nothing beats a bunch of drunks sitting around singing free bird/joker/the boxer. His wife even came out for a bit last night, within 30 seconds my mom had a shot of raspberry vodka in her hand.
  2. There was also the teacher, with her baby beagle (the cutest dog ever).
  3. The doctor and his pregnant wife. They had to leave their 2 dogs home since apparently it was a little dog night. They have a black lab named Lucy and a mutt named Brewster who is the sweetest and ugliest dog I've ever seen.
  4. Then of course the neighbors with a herd of children, 2 cats and a pekingese where there. The husband drinks jolt cola and espresso all day long and then throws wood on the fire as if he's trying to alert rescue planes of his location on a deserted island. (My brother likes to rant about how HOTT the teacher, the doctor's wife, and the mother of 3 are and how cool it is that my parents have hott neighbors).
  5. The gay guys (one of whom is french and was downing wine, as long as it was french; and the other who couldn't drink because he'd just taken his allergy medication).
  6. Of course some random neighbors from 5 houses down heard the action, so fathers made their escape from their wives and 5 children between the 2 families to come drink with us.
  7. However, my favorite family has to be my dad's friend, his mail-order bride from the Phillipines and her daughter. This was the first time I'd met his bride or her daughter. They were SO sweet. The daughter is 11 and speaks 3 languages. The daughter already calls my dad's friend dad and is SO well adjusted. They also came with a pekingese in tow. Clearly my dad's friend is a little odd (outside of the mail-order bride, the dog was his before they got here and it's name is "Missy").

At the end of the night I was sober and was ready to go home. My mom was all worried that I shouldn't drive since I'd been drinking earlier. My dad (who was smashed) and the DJ/Sherriff's Deputy/Guitar player (who was also smashed) started telling my mom I was fine to drive (they could see it in my eyes). Mind you, it was dark out, they were 10 feet away and they fire was dying down. But, whatever.

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