Monday, May 2, 2005


Here is a guide to some of my nicknames, I make no claims that it's all inclusive but it might help some people.

The College Years

  • The 305 = House I lived in while in college
  • BC = 305 Roommate who I eventually had a falling out with
  • Mateo Feo = Kid with jacked up teeth who was friends with BC
  • JS = 305 Roommate I had known in high school, but quickly grew to hate
  • The Gay Husband = Probably my best friend, my former 305 roommate, who-big surprise-is gay
  • CMT = One of my best friends from Undergrad (Female)
  • AM = Female friend from undergrad-best friends with CMT
  • Econa = Resident in AM's hall
  • Z = Econa's roommate
  • Big = Friend from undergrad (I also knew him in high school) responsible for a large portion of my deliquency
  • MC = Friend of Big (female)
  • B = Friend I've know since I was 5
  • CS = Male friend I refer to as my husband occasionally, I've also known him since I was 5
  • BY = Stoner friend of Bigs

Law Related

  • [The Dude] = Law School friend responsible also responsible for my delinquency
  • Bill, More & Hours = The Firm I work for
  • [Hours] = The Partner I work for at Bill, More & Hours; ie-"Bad Cop"
  • [More] = The other Partner I work for at Bill, More & Hours; ie-"Good Cop"
  • [ASSociate] = The Associate I work with who is incompetent
  • [Juan] = Short for "Don Juan", the Associate I flirt with