Friday, May 13, 2005

I can't believe I caved...

Well, I finally caved...I started a blog. I've been thinking about it since I graduated last year since it seemed like an excellent way to communicate with my friends after we all moved apart. Plus, I've kinda always wanted my own soap box and this seemed like an excellent one.

So, as I was saying, with Joel moving away soon, and a lot of my other friends getting jobs being "adult" I've realized recently that over the last year I've lost touch with a lot of people, mainly because I've been so busy with that pesky first year of law school thing. This seemed like a really good way to catch people who care about with what is going on (although I doubt it'll be very exciting this summer).

I can't believe that I actually finished my first year of law school!!! When I graduated undergrad last year I know I was excited but I don't think I was actually proud of myself. Today I realized that I managed to suffer through what might be one of the toughest years of schooling anyone can put themselves through...And I even escaped with my sanity. Undergrad always seemed like something that just had to be done, but I realized today that despite all my questioning whether it was even for me I managed to finish my first year and I actually think I did alright. I also got my appellate brief back yesterday and I did fairly well on it; which considering the amount of blood, sweat and tears went into each one of those 35 pages I think I've earned it. I had a sense of general redemption after the disaster that was the memo.

In other news, my law school class was reprimanded by our dean today, (I knew law school was like high school, but I didn't really understand just how much until today). Another law student has a blog that has a discussion board which you can post anonymously on. Topics ranged from: top ten hotties lists, which guys were hung, talk of anal, discussion of what prof you'd most like to nail; just to name a few. Apparently, spending 20 hours a week in a classroom together for a year has caused us to revert to high school like tendencies of trashing each other anonminity and general immaturity. It kind of leads me to wonder exactly when I'll start acting like an adult, since the guy who runs the blog is a 39 year old I'm not extremely hopeful that I'll start being mature any time soon.

So you're probably wondering how the dean and the administration came upon this blog...Well a few members of my section cheated on our civil procedure exam, and the anonymous forum quickly filled with accusations and explicity named the offenders. A lot of people were outraged (me being one of them) and decided to go to the administration in an attempt to institute an honor code and to get better proctors. Ok, here's where I'm confused. When I e-mailed the deans I did not feel that it was necessary, prudent, or wise to include discussion of the blog; yet some (or one) of my classmates must not have thought too much about it and told the dean. When I got home today I had an e-mail waiting for me that had been sent by the dean addressing that while free speech is a highly regarded freedom in our society the blog "violates the norms of civility to which we aspire." The stupid part is that basically only the 90 people in my section knew about the blog before that e-mail was sent, and now the entire law school knows about it and has been viewing it.

While I'm sure I could keep writing for ages with everything that has happened recently I think it's going to have to wait until later since I want to clean my room tonight before I go to bed because it's in a state of post exam disarray...Stay tuned for an accounting of my post finals activities last night.

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