Saturday, May 14, 2005


Well, as you probably figured out, I finished my first year of law school Thursday (provided I passed all my exams). Now, I’m sure you’re figuring I went straight home, rented some movies and went to bed early, but sadly you would be wrong.

I wasn’t feeling very well Thursday morning so after I finished my exam I had a couple beers, since when I was drinking water I was getting harassed. It was a really good time. Both sections went to Circa after exams, ending our first year at the place where we had our first social event just seemed fitting. Despite everything that had been said on the “Anonymous Fat Guys” blog (He called it that, not me; but while we’re on that subject I am going to try to not include people’s specific names after what happened with his blog), there was no animosity between people from what I could tell, which was really nice.

That afternoon I hung out with one of the law school guys who there had been some issues with earlier and it was cool that we were able to smooth things over.

Town Pump was a blast! I’m a sucker for a chill bar with a cute emo-boy playing good music. I pulled a random disappearing act slightly after my friend got there and didn’t really introduce him to anyone, but these things happen. (Sorry if you’re one of the people I didn’t say goodbye to). The bad part came the next morning when I had to have my dad drive me down to Detroit to get my car before I went to work Friday. He commented that I smelled like vodka and cigarettes and all I could do was say “that makes sense, I was clearly at a bar last night.”

I start work on Monday, which means I get to start golfing soon! I didn’t get out on a course at all last year but I did spend a lot of time at Carl’s. I realized I need to back into the swing of things since golfing is a really good skill for professionals. So are being willing to take clients to strip clubs and being able to hold your alcohol, so as far as I’m concerned I’m going to do just fine in the business world.

Well, I think that’s about it for now. I’m not really feeling great still and I’m rather excited that I have nothing to do and I can just spend my day laying in bed getting better.

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