Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Back in the 21st Century!

Some of you might be aware, but I was without electricity from 7:30 Sunday until Tuesday Night...The storm was horrible here. We had 2 HUGE trees knocked down, 3 BIG branches down, and a Canoe landed in our yard from a yard about 5 houses down. The yard was also covered in small branches.

Anyone who knows how bad I am with storms knows I was flipping out. I didn't even realize it was storming since I was in the study and the windows are up high and I wasn't really playing attention. Then I went down the hall to go to the bathroom and all I could see were huge branches flying around the yard. I decided to go closer to the doorwalls and eventually realized I needed to go outside and bring in a plant that was already too damp before the rain. As I stepped outside I was hit in the face with a flying branch. I looked out towards the lake and noticed the canoe; 1/2 in our yard, 1/2 in the lake with its owners trying to pull it out of the water. All of a sudden the Oak Tree that was 3 feet in diameter at least fell to the ground. I was yelling to the people in our yard that they needed to come in our house, they decided to just run for their house when they were almost hit by a branch falling in our yard. Next I noticed the smaller Wysteria tree down and 2 more branches came flying down. I ran inside, made a drink, went and grabbed Cyndi (my Doll that I've had since I was 18 months old, whose hair I twirl when I have a lot of nervous energy or I'm trying to go to sleep) and proceeded to pace around the house upstairs and tell my grandparents to get away from the windows...Really, I needed a Xanax.

In short, my 50 hours without power were hell. The air conditioning has been broken at work so the only place were I had any sort of break from the heat was my car.

While all of this was going on Truman (my bunny) had watery eyes and I was having to wipe them with warm washcloths and rinse them with saline every 2 hours, for awhile I thought he had some sort of infection and would have to go to the Vet...Really fun to deal with in the dark.

Luckily, the power has been restored, Truman is better and since the tree removal guys came today the yard is cleaned up...All is back to "normal," if you can really call it that.

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