Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Dripping Wet...

Get your mind out of the Gutter. It's not what you might think (especially given the things I have been linking to lately). Today I had to go renew my plate tabs at the Secretary of State. For most people this would be enough to ruin their afternoon, but the powers that be decided they needed to mess with me just a little more. When I went inside it was sprinkling, by the time I was done it was POURING. It's not even like I had an umbrella in my car that I forgot to bring in that would have made my situation better (actually, I probably do have an umbrella in my car somewhere-but I haven't any clue where it might be-which is just lazy since if it's not visible it must be under one ofthe seats but whatever...I didn't see one-so it wasn't there).

I seriously don't think I've ever been outside when it was raining so hard in my life, let alone without an umbrella. I think it might have rained that hard when I was outside once before-I was on a first date with this kid (needless to say I should have taken that as a sign but I didn't and I wasted a bunch of time and blah, blah, blah).

Best part was that I had 4'' heels on-since I basically always do, so I can allow myself to believe I'm really 5'7''. I started running to my car but within 2 seconds my feet were soaking and sliding in my heels so running to my car all the way across the parking lot was not an option. My hair got wrecked, my clothes are soaked and now I'm just cranky.

I've decided the alcohol hiatus is off and I just made myself a drink...(I decided the wine from the other night didn't count)...So I made it 3 days after I swore I was "Never Drinking Again," that has to be a record.

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midwest_hick said...

lol....It shoulda rained sooner huh?