Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Grab-Bag of Links...

Apparently Bloggers are under attack (I think I'm safe since I have a whole 3 readers and I don't express too many of my extremist beliefs on here...But maybe I should think about taking the "Proud Liberal" icon off my page...or maybe the Sesame Street mockery of the Terror Alert system-but then how would we know to go buy duct tape-ok I better stop now).

Pop Culture
Avril Lavigne appears to be channelling Lindsay Hohan...What will we ever do? You mean Avril wasn't REALLY all that PUNK?!?!

Napoleon Dynamite
It's pretty much my favorite animal It's like a lion and a tiger mixed. Bread for it's skills in magic. (The fact that I found a second link is so nerdy). PS-From what I understand about genetics a Liger is the Big cat version of a Mule.

Also, I added a Site Meter to my blog a couple days ago. It confirms my belief that I have about 3 readers.

The odd thing is the sites that are referring to me. I thought I might get some odd hits after my post about how Neil Horsley had sex with a mule, but I honestly have NO CLUE why people are being referred to me from a website specializing in something called Bukkake (Note:This is not the website, but rather the definition of the action shown on said website. I would have put it here but I didn't really want to link to porn). If anyone else has gotten weird hits from sites like this let me know, I'm really confused.

So now I've linked to Celebrities washing cars in bikini's, Neil Horsley, Mule sex, Strip Clubs, and Bukkake...Yeah, this blog is not going in the direction I intended.