Thursday, June 30, 2005

I'd take Kim over TomKat anyday

This quiz is so perfect-it refers to me as a smart blonde with a hot ass!

Ohh and while we're on the nerdy movies topic...

Also probably the best character to be-even though she was a wuss in Episode 3.

I don't know why I'm blogging so much lately, maybe it's that I haven't been drinking (or going to bars) so I've been around to do it.

On an unrelated note: I was watching Sex and the City tonight and there was a line about how baseball games are the only place where it's socially acceptable to drink at 2 p.m., while I've always been more of a Michigan Football (I just realized I've done shots at 10a.m. before noon games-so I guess Football has a lot of early socially acceptable drinking involved as well) or Pistons Basketball girl, but I think I might need to start following the Tigers...Plus, this post has confirmed my belief.

Bonus fact: TBS will be playing the best movie ever on July 8th, 9th, and 10th.


midwest_hick said...

lol....I've always thought of golfing as an excellent excuse for drinking...say before noon even.

Elle Woods said...

Also a good point-I'd like to say it's why I golf but I started when I was like 10 so it's just become an added perk.