Thursday, June 30, 2005

"Yeah, man! Fuck it! I can't be worrying about that shit..."

So in the spirit of National Confession Week I have something to confess. I am horrible with finances. In 50 minutes or so (I'm not really sure it could be on Pacific Time so I might have a few hours-but it doesn't really matter) it will be too late for me to consolidate my student loans. It's not like I didn't get 87,000 e-mails about doing it, not to mention all the "snail mail," I just never got around to it and then this week I've been getting ready for the huge 4th of July party we have at our house (If you're in the area stop by-there will be about 300 people here and it'll be a great time)...Free alcohol and food (of course) and the only fireworks I've ever seen that are better are the ones in Downtown Detroit (Plus I can all but guarentee you won't get shot at mine, so I think I win), seriously the fireworks are so good I'm a total snob about fireworks (and everything else really) and when I go to other lakes I think it's some dude lighting of fireworks on his dock before the real show starts.

I don't know why I am incapable of dealing with finances-but I am. I can barely pay my bills on time even when I have money to pay them. Dealing with money has never been easy for me, but it got a lot worse after my "little breakdown" last year when I graduated college.

I know it would have saved me like 5K to have consolidated them but it just didn't seem to matter. Right now I have:

  1. 20K from undergrad in loans (I don't really know-but it's a good guess)
  2. 3K in credit card debt
  3. My car payment
  4. Car insurance
  5. 2 laptop payments (I was still paying on the one I stepped on this fall so when I bought a new one-a new screen for the one I had was $700 and a new laptop with a 3 year warranty was $1300-So decided it would be better to get a new one and take on a 2nd Dell payment each month)

...Seriously with all these bills how do I even afford alcohol (during the school year it's because every beer I drink I pay interest on)

Basically, I have a lot of debt, and each year of law school adds about 20K so the little I'd save consolidating doesn't seem like it really matters. I know it actually does-but I'm too busy to care since I've heard it's a major pain in the ass to consolidate your loans. Maybe I'll try to do it sometime after I take my loans for this year so I know I've made some sort of effort, I don't really know if it'll matter but it'll make me feel better.

Today I cleaned my bathroom, study, rec room, bar, washed table clothes-and ironed them, mopped the floors in said bathroom and rec room, and made dinner for my grandparents and I. Tomorrow I have to clean my room, move all the plastic chairs outside, dip at least 1500 cherries in white chocolate and then dark chocolate, weed 8 gardens, spray paint the alium (they've lost their color and my grandma wants them red/white/blue) sounds shady but I swear it looks really cool once they're done, transplant some impatients, and then meet up with some friends for a bomb fire at 9. Sunday I'll be handling all the last minute stuff, decorating, setting up tables, making pasta salad, directing my little brother and cousins ...Gee, how did I not have time to consolidate my loans.

Fuck it, I'm going to go drink a White Russian (Caucasian) for myself and all the other slackers out there who also didn't consolidate their loans.

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