Saturday, June 11, 2005

What is with celebrities getting in bikini's and washing cars?

I think what bothers me about this one is that other then during the filming of this commercial I highly doubt Paris Hilton has ever actually even eaten a burger (granted we all know she does discriminate that much about what she puts in her mouth but looking at her makes me think a Cheeseburger with deepfried jalapenos is not something she actually eats...and even if she does I'd bet she throws it up).

I can't really figure out what bothers me about this Jessica Simpson video most...

  1. It could be that I get the feeling she's just trying to compete with Paris (and we all know nobody can out-tramp her)
  2. It might be that I think (much like the Paris video) that Jessica is just trying to prove she can do something besides say dumb shit, pout and pose for pictures
  3. Or, it could also be that Willie Nelson is in it...I always thought he was above that musically but then again John Mellencamp let Jessica use the coveted rip from Jack and Diane for that awful I think I'm in Love song after turning down others for almost 20 years-I guess aging rock stars have a soft spot in their hearts for busty blondes....Who would have thought?

PS-You're welcome to my male readers for linking them to both of these videos.

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