Sunday, June 19, 2005

Why I was a Horrible Roommate: Taco Bell, Tuesday Parties, and Alcohol as a mixer (Part 3 in a Multi-Part Series)

So for Big’s 19th Birthday we all decided we should do things up right, despite the fact that it was a Tuesday (not like that really mattered since we used to have ‘Tuesday Night Drinking Nights’) Sidenote: the Best Tuesday night drinking night also accounts for some of the reason why I was a horrible roommate. B had landed her axel so we had to do it up right. Big, CS, MC, B, and all the other usual suspects where there. We were drinking Mohawk vodka and cranberry. B ended up laying on the kitchen floor (trying to cool down), offered to make out with one of the [insert name of my hometown] boys (as did MC) in order to get them to come smoke with Big and I (of course when they got to A2 we told them if they touched any of the drunk girls it would be their ass). Big was just chugging Mohawk from the bottle. I didn’t think I drank that much, until had to be at a German Expressionist Art Exhibit for class at noon. German Boy walked in, told me I looked like hell and asked if I was alright, which I clearly was not. I pretty much sat in the corner for 2 hours and made German Boy filled out my assignment while I tried not to puke.

But I digress, we went and picked up some friends (I think the purpose was their buying alcohol for us-since despite it being my last year in college I was only 20), but needless to say, we convinced our friends to quit studying and come party with us. I think the next step was us indulging in nature’s finest.

After indulging I had to stop at the gas station. Big and CMT got out of the car (no idea why) and literally accosted a blind man (in their defense, they didn’t realize he was in fact, blind). This is where the quote “See you in HELL…BIGELOW” originated. I don’t exactly know the details, but they were definitely making fun of his cane until they got close enough to realize that he was blind.

The next stop on our little adventure was Taco Bell. Big and I manage to order, no problem. CMT and AM decide to get the 10 pack value meal or whatever it is. I’m not too informed when it comes to the Taco Bell menu, but I know there is combo option where you get a drink and a combination of 10 burritos or tacos (soft or hard). When asked how she wanted it prepared CMT replied “as pictured” and pointed at the combo meal sign. She then proceeded to order them all supreme, which comes into play later. By this point in time I’m sitting at the table with Big and I’m laughing so hard it’s embarrassing. Next the lady working the cash register asks what size drink CMT wants, she flicks the 32oz cup, indicating which one she wants. At this point I can barely contain my laughing.

Midway through the value combo or whatever it is CMT realizes that none of their tacos or burritos have sour cream on them (I guess that is the meaning of supreme at Taco Bell). CMT goes back up to the counter to ask why none of their items had sour cream on them and the lady explained that it costs .30 cents per item; which, including tax would amount to an additional $3.18 to their meal. The lady had assumed that they didn’t want to spend that much on sour cream and had decided not to add it. Of course at this point CMT gets pissed, grabs 2 handfuls of fire sauce and comes back to the table. I’m laughing so hard at this point in time I think I’m going to pee my pants. The lady asks CMT if she “has enough sauce,” CMT yells across the Taco Bell “YES I DO MA’AM, YES I DO!” Around this point I give up even trying to eat since my stomach muscles hurt so badly from laughing.

After the display at Taco Bell which proved there is a drive-through for a reason we decided to go buy the nights supply of alcohol. I don’t remember what the choice of the evening was, but I do remember pouring Vodka into Hpnotiq…Since using alcohol as a mixer is about as smart as bonging wine.

Apparently my roommate didn’t think she should tell me she had an exam the next day when we all rolled in being loud around 8 p.m. Around 10 or 11 p.m. she comes down from my favorite roommates’ room, yells at all of us and kicks us outside (since it was really warm in late October). Of course we still partied until 2 a.m. or so, inside and outside. While inconsiderate of me, of course, I still to this day think she should have just had to the balls to tell me early in the evening that she had an exam, we could have taken it elsewhere.

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