Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Why Today Rocked...

  • I got to leave work early! (And work wasn’t psycho for the first time in weeks-it was just starting to get nuts as I left).
  • The reason I was leaving work was getting my teeth cleaned (I’m a weirdo and LOVE going to the dentist).
  • I didn’t have any cavities (not really a shocker since I’ve never had a cavity...and as most of you know I’m kinda obsessive about my teeth).
  • I was home before 5 (yesterday I didn’t get home until 5:30…when I’m supposed to get off work at 5:00 and it’s a 10 minute drive home).
  • When I got home my mom called. She give me her credit card number and told me to buy myself some Birthday presents. I ended up getting: a pair of olive capri’s, a pair of khaki capri’s, 2 pairs of jeans, an olive blazer, and last but certainly not least-a pink blazer with beading on it-Elle Woods would be so proud! (I know this sounds like a lot but I did some smart shopping). Even more exciting is that I was able to get the jeans in "ankle" length, meaning they won't have to be shortened, since my 5'3'' stature doesn't lend itself well to regular length pants (mock if you will but I enjoy wearing 4'' heels all the time and pretending I'm 5'7'')...The jury is still out on whether the capri's will need to be shortened. Sorry to all my male readers for this entire dissertation.
  • I got a visor at work today and got to wear my hair in my favorite summer hairstyle…(Curly, pulled into a “messy bun” with curls falling out randomly with a visor on, clearly excited my hair is finally long enough for there to be enough hair for this to look good).
  • I get to watch the Pistons game with Bee tonight at her new apartment…I’m so proud of her graduating, getting a real job and moving out on her own! (It's making me re-think my decision to live at home and suffer through 2 more years of school).
  • I've had strep throat and the Rx I got yesterday seems to be clearing things up, I can be on the phone at work without sucking on a throat numbing lozenge. I will be sad to see my "bedroom voice" (as it was called by my "special male friend" last night) go, it's kinda hott...Maybe I can get the same effect by increasing my smoking habit from 4 cigarettes a day back to a pack a day. Yes, I'll admit it, I'm smoking again...But as I said-I'm smoking 4 cigarettes a day (except days I go out) and considering during school I was smoking a pack a day I think people should cut me some slack!
  • Plus...I found this, which if you know my obsession with this you'll understand.

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