Tuesday, July 26, 2005

"Gimme an N-I-N-J-A, What's that spell?"

Yesterdays' post made me decide to post a conversation every day this week that I have with someone that makes me want to bang my head on the nearest hard object. Hopefully this will shed some light as to why I'm neurotic, as I'm convinced I deal with more stupid people in a day then most people do in a year. (This series of posts is contingent on stupid people talking to me, of course...Who am I kidding, if I kept a notebook with me during the day I could post at least 10 a day-all part of what I consider the added bonus of dealing with 30 summer staff and answering phones most of the day).

So today I'm having a nice lunch (Quiznos...Mmmm, Tasty) with my boss (she's 3rd in command where we work) and some of the Summer staff come in and sit down with their Burger King (Notice the difference-I'm eating designer fast food and these morons are buying stuff off the $1 menu).

So one of them (He's 18, and a MALE CHEERLEADER-not that I have anything against that-it's that he hides it and tells people he plays football-if he's own up to it I'd think it's awesome) is sitting there talking about getting drunk and making jokes about it in front of our 50 year old boss-can we say "Inappropriate"?

Next he makes some comment about my drinking. To which I reply, "First of all 18MC I'm of legal age unlike you so what I do in my time off is really none of your business. And Second, have we ever been out together? Have you ever seen me drink? No, so maybe you don't want to talk about things you know nothing about."

Now usually, when I verbally chide someone as badly as I did to this kid in front of our boss and 4 guys they back down-but not this kid. His cheerleader spirit kept him from giving up.

I started talking with one of the summer staff about law school and where I did my undergraduate work and what my degree is in (University of Michigan, Political Science, B.A., in 3 years-yeah I went to a REAL school unlike the clown in this story who's about to start his freshmen year at Central Michigan-what does he know about college?). So then I make a comment about how really I can't do much with my undergrad degree outside of work "work at a gas station"-which is my joke (and not his) and frankly I could do more but I'm in law school so I don't. This stellar conversation ensued...

  • 18MC: Yeah you can't do anything besides work at a gas station with that.
  • Me: Yeah, I know, I already said that.
  • 18MC: What a waste of a degree.
  • Me: Well, I knew from the second I got to U of M I was going to be going to law school, politics interests me, and if I decide to go into politics it's a nice background to have...So I don't really consider it a waste.
  • 18MC: Want to know how I'm going to get into Politics?
  • Me: Learn some social skills first. (To be fair-this was the nicest thing that came to mind. I was also considering "Get a brain?" or "Get a brain and use it to try to get into a real school?" or "Use the perfect Cheer?" but I decided to be "nice")
  • 18MC: (Stares blankly at me shocked)
  • 18MC: You better watch out, I'm a Ninja.
  • Me: Yeah me too, I have all your equipment in my locker. You should probably come get it because I can't fit my numchucks in there anymore.
  • 18MC: (Stares blankly at me and then walks outside)

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