Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Stupid People Week Continues...

Customer: Can I pay by check at the waterpark?
Me: As long as it's a company check, yes you can.
Customer: Can I make it out when I get there?
Me: Umm, as long as you make it out we don't care where you do it.

On a seperate stupid people rant...What would make someone think it's a good idea to smoke crack. I'll let the people who did it in the 80's slide but with all we know now how could an educated 40 something year old person could be like, ohh I'll just hit that crack pipe once?!?! (The same really goes for injecting drugs but I think you get the point). Maybe when I'm more removed from the situation I'll be able to fill everyone in on what brought on this rant but for now I'd say that it's safe for you to assume that someone in my family that was very important to me has gotten into drugs and I've had to wash my hands of them.

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midwest_hick said...

Never have understood the drug use thing.....If I wanna get stupid and forget life for awhile booze can do that...and it's