Tuesday, July 5, 2005

The "I just got internet back" edition...

My desktop was wrecked by my annoying cousins this weekend somehow-all I know is that after they used it Saturday it stopped working...I haven't had time to fix it with the huge party Sunday and then resting and actually enjoying my only real day off on Monday. This wouldn't have been so bad if my laptop hadn't been refusing to connect to my wireless internet during this time frame-but for now it appears that my laptop and I are back on speaking terms...HORRAY!

So now I'm just going to take a little time to rant about a couple things that have been on mind/mention what happened this weekend.

  1. I'm so sick of any Justice with left leaning tendencies being denounced as "activist judges." I found an old article today that I really liked-plus it's what I've been saying for months now. It's bothered me for a long time-but then with the "re-activist" ruling in the Kelo case and the future of a woman's right to choose hanging in the balance it's really started to piss me off. O'Connor was a swing vote on women's issues in cases such as Casey and I just don't see this administration replacing her with someone who has similar views. Being that Casey was a 5-4 decision this makes me very concerned.
  2. I'm too pissed to even talk about the ruling the Kelo case-apparently Republicans feel individual rights should not interfere with corporate plans...The sad part is that I'm surprised. However, the fact that someone has filed to have Justice Souter's property taken as an exercise of eminent domain to build the Lost Liberty Hotel is the best thing I've heard in days. The plans include a museum outlining the lost of liberty, the "Just Desserts" Cafe, and each guest receiving a copy of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged.
  3. If you're someone that I consider an "ex-fling" you might not want to show up to my parties (particularly ones that my whole family is at-I guess it was made better by the fact that there were 200 other people here but I still had to sit with you at my table and that was LAME). Regardless of whether your friends are coming or even if I said you could come-I was just being polite when your friends asked me if it was cool and you should really have the common sense to realize it's not a good idea to show up. The other "ex-fling" who was hanging out with you guys knew better then to show up-but then again he knows about you and you don't know about him and he probably had the common sense to realize it would be REALLY awkward for me to have both of you there.
  4. I got really drunk at said party and I'm rather sure I won the coveted "Drunk Award"-there is some debate over whether I really did since I did a really good job of hiding my drunkness (uncharacteristic-I know) and I've been informed that "that just isn't an award you win on the sly."
  5. I threw up this morning when I brushed my teeth so I called into work-that means I've worked 3 of the past 11 days and if I go in Wed-Friday it'll be 6 of 16 by next Monday...While this sounds awesome when I have to pay my car payment it's going to suck-looks like I won't be going out at all in July. I can't wait to get my student loan refund for the fall so I'll actually have money again. Until then does anyone have any sort of "get rich quick" schemes?


midwest_hick said...

You hid being drunk?...seems like a waste.....lol....oh.....to ex'es showing up...that's just ....um.....sad.

Elle Woods said...

When you live with your grandparents who are very conservative hiding being drunk is usually a good call-especially when the party is at their house...Amen to the ex thing!