Monday, July 18, 2005

"The rules of hair care are simple and finite."

I think I've finally figured out how to style my hair curly have it look amazing. Right now it's in loose curls, with my long bangs sweeping over my right eye, messy-but not sloppy...Seriously, it looks great.

Male readers who are not gay/metro and do not have a weird fetish with my hair feel free to skip the next 3 paragraphs-but really, you should read it since:

  1. You might learn something
  2. Based on what you learn you might be able to tell your wives/girlfriends to stop spending money on expensive hair products that do not work as well as the ones Legally Blonde uses
  3. Any post that can be titled with a quote from Legally Blonde is worth reading

My curly hair has become somewhat of a challenge this summer with the abnormal amount of heat/humidity. Plus my general laziness/random power outtages have made blow drying and flat ironing somewhat difficult.

However, today, for the first time ever, when I did my hair curly it looked amazing. I don't know if it was:

  1. The 92 degree weather
  2. The fact that it feels like it's 105 outside (no, I'm not exaggerating)
  3. The color I just had done (I know you're all crying about the fact that my blonde tresses are not entirely mine-but damnit, I pay for it and just like once you buy implants they're yours I like to consider my hair color mine-plus it's not like I dye it, I just make it a little more blonde)
  4. Learning how to use the new hair product

Right now I look as I if I just spent an afternoon enjoying the surf and sun on a beach someplace fabulous.

I've finally given up on all the expensive salon products and have started using products by a man who I now consider a God. Laugh if you must at my Drug Store Purchased Curling Spray, but damnit the man KNOWS curly hair! Particularly coarse curly hair (My friends with fine hair do not like his products and feel they weight their hair now too much-I would be remiss in my duties as a hair product junkie if I didn't mention this). Despite having switched to cheap hair products I will admit that when I go to the mall tomorrow I plan on getting a sample (since I can't afford a bottle right now-and I might not like it) of this. I will admit it, I love Jonathan Antin and all this egocentric ways and I have a feeling the man knows his hair product.

Ok, my rant about hair products is over.

Anyway, me and my beach bum inspired hair look too fabulous to be sitting in front of this computer. I'm out with the ladies meeting new guys since apparently all the ones I know are complete assholes (but that's a whole different post).

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Susan J said...

I adore Elle too. In fact I am going to see Legally Blonde on Broadway next month!

But personally, I love Be Curly by Aveda.

Happily Ever After!