Monday, July 18, 2005

Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot...

Apparently today was "Racist Customer Day" at my work.

This came as a shock since I've been working there for 5 years now and the most racist thing I've ever encountered was a lady complaining about the park not being safe since "Those Mexicans" play volleyball at the park on Sundays. That comment alone was shocking enough to me, especially since I have been in the park when those guys are all there and while there are about 100 of them and it can be menacing to see that many men anywhere. Still, I was shocked the woman brought up their race over the phone...But that lady had NOTHING on the 2 people today.

First I had a lady call, after I answered questions about the Waterparks the conversation degenerated into this:

  • Racist Lady: I don't want to sound racist but do you have a lot of blacks that come to your parks? I used to take my kids to (Insert name of our former competitor) and I had to stop going there they're just all so rude.
  • Legally Blonde: Well, ummm...(stammering out of shock).
  • RL: I mean, I don't mean sound racist I just want to know.
  • LB: Well, we pride ourselves on diversity here at (Insert name of my employer) and I'm not very comfortable answering that question.
  • RL: Yeah I figured you couldn't answer it, I wasn't trying to be racist, I just don't want my kids around them.
  • LB: I'm going to end this call now ma'am. (Hangs up)

Next I'm sorting through comment cards, reading them since I enjoy wasting time and sometimes they're funny when we get comments about certain staff members being hott. So I'm reading along and I come across a comment card that has this written on it:

  • "Too many little monkey's drowning in the pool. Tell the (N-Word) parents to teach their kids to swim or stay out of the pool."

Note: On the card the "N-Word" was written out but I refuse to do so even if I'm quoting someone else.

I seriously dropped the card in shock, picked it up, showed it to my boss, and then we tore it up and threw it away.

Sadly, this person didn't have the balls to put their name or address on said comment card...I seriously can't believe people still think/talk/act like that.

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Tremenda TrigueƱa said...

That's insane...but not surprising. Some people have absolutely no concept of their own moronic self-destruction. I would have told the lady I WAS black and if she had a problem with it she could pound sand! :)