Monday, July 11, 2005

Weekend Wrap-Up

My internet at home has stopped working for some unknown reason and being that I was busy I haven't actually had anytime whatsoever to actually request a service call. I suppose my posting will have to be done during fleeting free moments at work.

This weekend was way too short and not as exciting as I had expected. I cut my hand terribly on Saturday and it still hurts. It didn't stop bleeding until yesterday afternoon (apparently my blood was a little thin).

I'm waiting with bated breath regarding the Karl Rove scandal. I can't believe there isn't anything on CNN about this. At least ABC covered it last night that it was him who leaked the CIA agents name to the press.

While we're on the topic of right wing antics I thought I'd bring up censorship. With all the negative posting this weekend I did censor comments and delete them. This is my forum and I reserve the right to censor comments. If you'd like to speak badly of my choices please feel free to do it on your own forum. I deal with enough people calling me stupid at work for just doing my job so I don't really feel the need to deal with it here too. I could sit here and list my creditendials but it's just not my style and while I wasn't too pleased to make the decision to censor comments it's my blog and I'll censor as I see fit.


midwest_hick said...

Oh yes...mighty haven't found the need to delete comments very often.....but childishly I've responded to a couple of morons in kind. (bummer about the hand btw)

Anonymous said...

Your a patheic cunt or deleting comments just because you don't agree with them. You're the laughing stock of the music blogs.

midwest_hick said...

lol...popped backed in....and ya gotta admire the anonymous commenters....grow some balls and show a name for christ's sake...of course...perhaps someone just simply pissed in their wheaties....and they decided to eat the whole bowl any way..(gutless f'rs

Elle Woods said...

Anon-Clearly I'm concerned...The only reason I didn't delete your comment is because it makes me laugh to see: 1) You used the word "cunt", I think It's a great word and 2) The poor grammar proves my point that you guy are "rocket scientists" (please note my sarcasm).