Wednesday, July 20, 2005

You are about to enter a world of pain.

After what has to have been the worst day in recent memory at work I've had enough time to calm down/drink wine that I can finally write about it without throwing my laptop across the room. Normally the few things listed below would be enough to piss me off (trust me keep reading, it gets so much worse):

  • The Customer who treated me horribly yesterday and mocked me to my face for having treated me horribly is being pacified and getting exactly what he wanted and even more for basically free wasn't bad enough there was (Lawyer side note: This whole situation was created by him being dumb and not reading his contract and then threating to sue us-do not worry, I asked him on what grounds and before he could even get out fraud I informed him of how he didn't have a leg to stand on-at least that made me smile)...
  • I then decided to be nice and make reservations for people for tomorrow/friday/this weekend-thereby going WAY out of my way and creating WAY more work for me. As if that isn't annoying enough but to then have 3 out of the 4 people I did this for call and cancel right after I made their contracts-making even more work for me. PLUS...
  • Another lady who I work with has been gone (for the 2nd day in a row and will be gone until Monday now from what I understand). Meaning I had to do her job and mine (guess whose didn't get done-mine...meaning I have will have an unbelieveable amount of work to do on Monday unless I go in early when I work this weekend to get some of it done). Not to mention...
  • I've worked 14 of the last 16 days in a row. By Monday it'll be 17 of the last 19, and by next Friday it'll be 22 out of the last 24 with no end in site...Mind you I'm supposed to just work M-F.

The list continues but my head is starting to hurt so I'm going to move onto what really pisses me off since all of that I can deal with.

Today I was sexually assaulted at work, by a 45 year old maintenance worker. It's the 2nd time it happened and today I decided to put it to an end, and if it doesn't stop I will f*cking cut him (and it's not even an escalation of force in my opinion since women can use deadly force to stop a rape so I don't see why I can't cut his ass when I'm fearing an iminent sexual assault). This guy keeps coming up to me from behind, sliding his hand under my arm while I'm on the phone and basically cupping/poking-albeit briefly-the side of my breast.

The first time he did it I told him to stop. Then I proceeded to explain to him that:

  1. Unwanted touching constitutes an Assualt and Battery and thereby an intentional tort
  2. I would not hesitate to sue his ass-(except I doubt he has any money so that plan is shot)
  3. Use reasonably force necessary to stop the unwanted will f*cking cut him

Today had I not been on the phone when he'd done it his balls would have become acquinted with my foot/knee.

As if I wasn't pissed enough when I saw him later and told him he needed to stop he said "You telling me to stop just makes me want to do it more." I took the high road and walked away.

Then I went to the our boss and told him about what had happened and:

  1. Asked him to discuss it with the guy
  2. Told him about other girls he's done similar things to
  3. Thanked him for his time and also mentioned if it didn't stop I would be taking this higher up the chain of command (which basically consists of one guy after my boss-but whatever)
  4. Informed him it was a lawsuit waiting to happen if they didn't put an end to this guys bahavior or terminate him
  5. Then I proceeded to tell a co-worker and my other boss (who doesn't supervise the shady guy) about it so it was documented (in the ghetto way we do)

I should also mention here that my boss was horrified and talked to the guy within 15 minutes, apologized to me again and when I said "hey isn't not your fault" he responded "yeah but it will be if he doesn't stop." (It was nice to have someone back me up).

Lesson to be learned: Avoiding fucking with uppidy law students. We know how to get our way and while the other 5 girls you pissed off didn't do anything I got you ass written up in 15 minutes...Plus if all else fails I will either:

  1. Kick your ass myself
  2. Have my dad/do it-not like he has shit to do during the day now that he's laid off

Am I wrong? Am I wrong?

PS-No, there were not enough lists in this post.

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