Thursday, July 21, 2005

You knew it was coming

Anybody who knows me has to know that a post on John Roberts was not far off after Dubya's annoucement. I really don't know enough about him yet to comment at all on how I feel about the nomination but I thought it was worth mentioning that during a lot of the controversial work he's done he was working as a lawyer and thereby an advocate for the causes the people who he worked for supported. While my fellow liberals are already up in arms about his nomination because of some of the work he's done I have chosen to do more research and pay attention to his confirmation hearings before I really make up my mind about him.

I wouldn't want someone dragging out a brief I wrote as evidence during a confirmation hearing (Legally Blonde having a confirmation hearing-HAHAHA). So what if he wrote a brief, lawyers do it everyday for causes they don't actually believe in. It's why people think we're scum-it doesn't automatically make him in support of those causes. While his prior work does make him a little suspect in my mind (as if being nominated by Dubya wasn't enough to make him suspect) I wanted to point out that he might have just been doing his job when he wrote some of those briefs.

With that said, if during his confirmation hearings it seems that he wants to overturn the shell that remains of Roe v. Wade Democrats should gather themselves and pretend they are an actual political party and filibuster with the determination Strom Thurmon showed during the Civil Rights Act votes-but they should win, which he didn't-thankfully. (I hate even referencing Roe here since any Constitutional Law nerd knows Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Penn. v. Casey is the current abortion law in the U.S.). However, given the state of the Democratic party and the strenght of the Republican political machine I really think I should go sterilize a coat hanger in case I need one in the near future.

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