Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A.D.D. Inspired Post

If you've spent any time here you know my writing can be mildly spastic and A.D.D. Plus the fact that I can't focus enough to even check my spelling or grammar furthers my A.D.D. tendencies...So today I've decided to give in and post "A.D.D. Style", and given my love of lists I think I'll present my randomness like that.

  1. I only know my assignments for 2 classes and I already have over 200 pages of reading-I LOVE law school.
  2. Even though I hate all the work when I was down at school yesterday I realized how much I miss all my friends that I've been too busy to see and I really am excited for school
  3. I cried (see below for why I cried) at work today when I got presented the "Employee of the Month" award. Say what you want, but in a park system that employs 500 people I'm proud. It's never given to part-timers but they changed the rules for me. While I complain about the job a lot the people there have gotten to be like family to me and I'm really going to miss being there. It was a great 5 years, I learned so much about dealing with people that I know will use in the future.
  4. I was supposed to be presented my award tomorrow morning at a breakfast for all the full time staff. I have to be in court tomorrow so I won't be able to make it. They called in all the kids who work for me and had them hide in the garage-when I got called out there my bosses followed me and read an amazing speech about everything I've done and how much I mean to them-what I didn't get to say was how much they mean to me. My Co-Workers have become like mothers/fathers/sisters/brothers/kids to me. If I get a job that has 1/2 the family feel and support that I have gotten there I'd consider myself a lucky person. I'm such a nerd I'm crying as I write this.
  5. Tomorrow I'm being escorted to my court date for my traffic infraction by a police officer (as arranged by a family friend), as if that isn't excessive.
  6. Friday is my brother's first football game of his senior season-SO EXCITED. I get so obnoxious at his games since parents from the other teams yell things like "TAKE #32 OUT!" and I tend to yell things back like "LEAVE MY LITTLE BROTHER ALONE!"
  7. The Dream Cruise was great-I got drunk and harassed cars, what could be more fun. A small sampling of my harassment:
  • "Hey buddy, get that Hummer off the road...We all know you bought it because you have a small dick...I'm sure you're about to run out of gas since you get 3 miles per gallon!"
  • "Get that f*cking sunfire 2 lanes over...This is the dream cruise-I owned a sunfire and trust me it wasn't a dream!"
  • "Drop the kids off at soccer practice and get that mini van 2 lanes over or off the road!"
  • "Nice car buddy, too bad you couldn't get anyone to ride with you!"

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