Monday, August 15, 2005

"First of all, Papa Smurf didn't create Smurfette. Gargamel did."

My wireless internet is back and I'm so happy I can sit in bed and be on the internet while watching movies I decided to post more.

I have to preface this story with the facts that:

  1. Our office runs summer camps
  2. Children are supposed to be at least 6 years of age to attend camps
  3. Sometimes parent lie or work with us so they send their children to camp when they are 5
  4. Usually when this happens hilarity ensues-as it did on Friday.

The Sports Campers got back (the child I'm about to describe is the son of one of our employees who is-go figure, 5 years old). So the 5 year old (who is adorable-despite the fact that he has more energy then ANY child I've ever seen at his age-and I've seen a lot) comes into the office. One of our best counselors had driven him back to the office for his mom to pick him up in our 16 passenger van. The thing is, he's so little you can't see him over the other children/the seats. So when he got out of the van the counselor was "without words" for what he saw...

The darling little blonde boy had colored himself-BLUE!!!

He had literally completely covered his legs (to the point they were shiny from the sharpie) and arms. PLUS one of the older girls had "helped" him and drew a beard on him and put a blue dot on the end of his nose.

The blue rubbed of on his mom's leather car seats to make matters worse-to say the least-she's not happy (at least she has some sort of stain insurance on her car and it'll only cost her $50 to get a new seat). She said she gave him countless baths, and made him swim in their pool all weekend and the blue had JUST STARTED TO COME OFF ON SUNDAY EVENING.

I know I shouldn't find it so funny, but really it was the highlight of my weekend working. (Which if I ever explain why it was so bad you'll understand). Maybe tonight or tomorrow I'll detail my interesting weekend at work including:

  1. The mentally challenged 45 year old twin brothers named "Larry" and "Garry" and their adventures at the dunk tank
  2. Cursing out my co-workers Friday night
  3. Being yelled at by a Hot Air Balloon Festival Volunteer every 3 minutes for at least an hour
  4. My car accident

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