Sunday, October 2, 2005

Nascar is not a Sport

Legally Blonde walks into 7/11 to make an ATM, buy some cigarettes and a lighter.

I glance at all the lighters. There some that look like frogs, some that are fancy and have cushioned grips, and then are a ton of Bic ones (my normal kind) but they all have NFL Logos (There are Colts, Browns, and Packers lighters at first glance).

Legally Blonde: Do you have any lighters without sports teams on them?

7/11 Employee: I have some Nascar ones behind the counter.

Legally Blonde: That wasn't really what I was looking for, but I agree that Nascar isn't a sport.

7/11 Employee: Nascar is a sport.

Legally Blonde realizes she asked for lighters without sports teams so technically if you think Nascar is a sport the employee was right to offer. She also realizes she's on fragile ground.

Legally Blonde: Right, well, yeah, I guess I'll take a Packers lighter.

7/11 Employee: Which one?

(Shows me the predominantly green one and the predominantly yellow one)

Legally Blonde: Umm Yellow I guess, It's an NFL lighter, I don't even want to carry it. There aren't any Patroits ones in there are there? Or how about a U of M one?

7/11 Employee: No, but I have these Nascar ones.

Legally Blonde: Yeah, just give me the Yellow Packers one.

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