Saturday, December 17, 2005

Hit Me Baby One More Time

Twice since I made the Best of Legally Blonde Post I've gotten the question from readers "Isn't it a little early in your career for a best of?" Both readers likened it to an artist who does a Best Of Album about 2 albums into your career.

The way I see it, I'm like a pop star. (I once heard the theory I'm about to espose on a New Kids on the Block E! True Hollywood Story or some sh*t.) I know I have a limited shelf life so I need to capitalize on my popularity and flood the market with memoribilia while I can. The downside to this approach is that then people get sick of you faster.

The sad thing is that I, like most pop stars, don't know when to quit so I'll probably be here blogging a good 3 years after I've peaked. By this point I'll be going out in public with acne medication on my face, I'll have stopped combing my hair and wearing matching clothing. The only shoes I'll own will be Flip-Flops and Cowboys Boots. Writing stories about my white trash husband who is trying to break out as a rapper, having kids as an attempt to draw in a new set of readers and so I have more to write about. The good news is, sometimes the downward spiral is just as fun to watch.

UPDATE: Maybe my pop star theory really isn't that far off...Three thousand years of beautiful tradition, from Moses to Sandy Koufax! You're goddamn right I'm living in the f*cking past!


RedHerring45 said...

You're a star now?

Did you have a huge number of visits or something?

Elle Woods said...

Yeah I've been getting a lot more hits in the last month.

RedHerring45 said...


Are there going to be banner ads and pop-ups now?

Elle Woods said...

No, I haven't gone that corporate.