Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Whoring it Up!

I just wanted to take a moment for some shameless self promotion. Apparently I'm funny enough to become a contributor on Overheard in Law School (because I don't do enough posting and slacking around here), so to help ensure Liser lets me stay you should go visit and check it out.

If you're so inclined they also take reader imput, but please don't e-mail Liser bad things. We all know most law students aren't funny so if someone deems that you're not well, don't be offended...This isn't clown college people, not everyone is funny and it's not as easy as it looks (as can be evidenced by the majority of my recent posts and pretty much all my archives from May-August).


Energy Spatula said...

I've got like 10,000 of these little overheard gems tucked back in my archives...I should send you some!

Elle Woods said...

Dude, you should, I'll give you credit.