Wednesday, December 14, 2005

"Take, Take Me Home, 'Cause I Don't Remember"

I picked up my Con Law 2 Take Home yesterday. I've had it for 26 hours and 48 minutes. I have yet to do anything besides skim the instructions.

The fun part is that I have my Family Law Take Home to pick up and complete after this one.

I personally blame my Professors for this, as they told us that it's not really any longer then an inclass exam-they just wanted to give us more time to work on it so we'd create better workproduct. However, what I hear them saying is "Slack off all you want, You'll be able to finish still." It's kinda like when they say "Don't wait until you have the exam to start studying, you should already have an outline and be prepared" and I hear "It will actually only take you about 3 hours and you have 72, don't waste time studying." Unfortunately for me, these two interpretations are somewhat at odds with each other.


Meg said...

another good song reference as title... i got my dad into the bone thugs version which was a great source of pride

Elle Woods said...