Monday, December 12, 2005

"You Better Call Tyrone"*

After my lovely little "study" session at Panera Bread I decided to reward myself. I went to Best Buy to purchase another DVD, sadly the line was so long to pay I decided I should just get back to studying instead.

On my way home as I passed Office Max I realized I should pick up pens and pencils for tomorrow so I'm not "that girl" who borrows them from other people. Now, picking out pens and pencils for me is a bit of an ordeal. For exams pens must write in blue or black (preferably black), yet I prefer that they are pink as it is my power color. Pencils are easy to find which meet this set of criteria, however, pens are a bit more difficult as the ink tends to be pink. As a result, I spent a lot of time looking at pens today. After a couple minutes an Office Max employee came over and this exchange occured [bracked sections represent my thoughts]. Please remember that I'm currently extremely bitter and really should just be left alone.

Tyrone: Can I help you with anything?

Elle Woods: No, I think I'm all set. [Do I really look like the type of moron who can't pick out a f*cking pen or pencil?]

Tyrone walks about 5 feet away and proceeds to stare at me for a minute or so.

Tyrone: I'm sorry, can I ask you something?

Elle Woods: Umm, sure I guess. [Seriously WTF? Just leave me alone!]

Tyrone: What's your name?

Elle Woods: [Elle]. [Is this guy seriously hitting on me right now? I just want to buy some damn writing utensils! Damn, did I just tell this clown my real name?]

Tyrone: Pretty name for a pretty girl.

Elle Woods: [Did he really just use that line? Seriously, why have I not learned to give a fake name yet?].

Tyrone: Can I ask if you're married?

Elle Woods: [Holds up left hand without a ring on it.]

Tyrone: Does that mean you're thinking about it?

Elle Woods: If I was thinking about getting married there would be a rock there.

Tyrone: So [Elle], can I call you?

Elle Woods: I don't know. [Wow, that answer made no sense, hopefully he understands that was a "No." This is so what I get for showering and putting on clothing other then sweatpants during exams!]

Tyrone walks back over to the cash register. Luckily, just as I was ready to cash out another girl opened a register and I was able to avoid talking to him again.

*Sometimes I wonder if people get all the song/movie quotes I use as titles. Most of the time I try to put them in quotes unless I think they're really obvious, but ohh well.


Meg said...

who the hell isn't getting that reference? it's a good one. was his name really tyrone? whatever, you can't use my phone..

Energy Spatula said...

I use movie/song quotes all the time and probably 99% of the time I don't credit them because I just don't feel like it or I think that after nearly two years people should know that I only use like four sources. Also, I got hit on the other day at Best Buy and it was a lot like what you just described except that I let him go on and on because it's not every day a 20 year old hits on me.

Elle Woods said...

Yeah his name was Tyrone.

I'm glad someone got it and that other people use my super cool method to naming posts.

RedHerring45 said...

I get it.

I can't use it in my blog because I only know the lines to nerd movies.

How's this for pink pens?

Buy the pink ones. Buy some black ink pens. Pull the pink pen apart. Pull the black pen apart. Place the blank ink pen innards into the pink shell.

Problem solved.

Elle Woods said...

Damn Engineers.