Monday, January 9, 2006


Elle Woods: You didn't tell me the other Doctor was Dr. McDreamy's younger brother!

Mom: Ohh, you think he's cute? I'm going to tell him.

Elle Woods: DO NOT! You are such a bitch!

Mom: Ok, fine I'll just tell [Dr. She works for].

McDreamy: Hey that's no way to talk to your loving mother.

(Elle Woods looks shocked.)

Mom: She just called you Dr. McDreamy.

(McDreamy blushes)

McDreamy: Why thank you, you're rather cute yourself.

Elle Woods: Ohh, thanks...I'd watch out if I were you, she's been trying to marry me off to a Doctor for years now. She'd probably be willing to settle for a Dentist at this point.

McDreamy: How old are you?

Elle Woods: 22, but she's been trying since I was about 16.

McDreamy: She wanted to get rid of you that badly?

Elle Woods: Apparently. See why I called her a bitch?

Mom: No I wasn't trying to get rid of you, I just, I mean...